Your smart devices have likely brought greater convenience and connection to your life. However, smart technology can go beyond your phone and improve your Kittanning, Pennsylvania, home. Increase comfort and efficiency in your home with Nexia Home Intelligence. Here’s how this technology helps you stay connected to your living space:

What’s Nexia Home Intelligence?

Nexia Home Intelligence is a top-of-the-line home automation system that gives you control over your home’s smart technology from the convenience of your smart device. With Nexia Home Intelligence, you can connect your home’s HVAC system, smart appliances and security network to one system. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can:

  • Adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere.
  • Lock and unlock doors with a swipe.
  • Check your security cameras.
  • Turn lights on or off.
  • Turn the main water supply to your house on or off.
  • Check the status of all your security alarms.

How Does Nexia Home Intelligence Improve Comfort?

By staying connected to your home’s HVAC system, you gain personalized control over the comfort in your living space. Let’s say you’re coming home from work early and you want to have your home nice and warm by the time you arrive. You can access your app before you leave your office and instruct your HVAC system to start heating your living space. As a result, you’ll step into a warm home in the evening without having to heat it the entire day.

That personalized control you receive from Nexia Home Intelligence can also increase your energy efficiency. Higher energy efficiency enables your heating and cooling system to provide comfort more effectively for longer periods. For example, if you’re on vacation and realize that you forgot to adjust your thermostat to keep your home cooler while you’re away, you can connect to your home and turn down the temperature to reduce strain on your system. As a result, you’ll lower your energy bills.

Nexia Home Intelligence will give you personalized control that will improve both short- and long-term comfort in your home. To install Nexia Home Intelligence, call Miller Plumbing & Heating today at (724) 349-6676.

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