Plumbing leaks are among the most frustrating maintenance problems you can experience as a homeowner in Indiana, PA. Hidden leaks inside ceilings and walls can be hard to detect, ultimately causing damage and costly repairs. These are five signs to help you identify a possible water leak in your home:

Higher Than Usual Water Bills

If your water bill increases without increased water consumption, you probably have a water leak. Even a small leak can add up quickly and lead to thousands of gallons in wasted water, increasing your water bill. Contact a professional plumber to identify the location of the leak to avoid wastage.

Overgrowth in the Lawn

Concentrated wet spots on your lawn or an unusually lush patch of grass is a sign of sewer pipe leakage. If left unattended, it can damage your lawn and become hazardous to your household because of the bacteria from sewer pipes.

Reduced Water Pressure

Water leaks of any type reduce the amount of water that runs through your pipes. If you notice a sudden reduction in water pressure in your home, it’s probably pointing to a water leak. Having a licensed plumber check your plumbing system for leaks can eliminate the issue before it gets worse.

Rusty Pipes

Older homes have galvanized steel drains or pipes that are prone to rust and corrosion. Signs of flaking, discoloration, visible rust or stains are signs of corrosion. Corroded pipes can cause water leaks, so it’s best to replace corroded pipes as soon as you notice them.

Wall Cracks

Water leaks can cause the wall or foundation to crack over time. If you notice cracks in your foundation, act immediately before the water leaks compromise the entire structure. Call a plumber right away to unearth the cause of the water leaks and fix the issue.

If you experience any of these signs of water leaks, don’t wait any longer. Get to the root of the problem with the help of a licensed plumber. Call Miller Plumbing & Heating for water heater, air conditioning and heating services.

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