Compared to tank water heaters, tankless water heaters are more energy efficient, reliable and durable. However, all tankless water heaters can develop issues over time, necessitating troubleshooting or repairs. The following are tips for troubleshooting your tankless water heater in Indiana, PA:

No Hot Water

Whether gas-powered or electric-powered, tankless water heaters may fail to generate hot water on demand. The main reasons include worn-out flow sensors, an electrical fault and dirt buildup on the burners or pilot assembly.

Most of these are complex issues that would require the qualified hands of a comfort advisor. If your tankless water heater doesn’t heat water or produces no water at all, call a plumbing repair professional.

Error Codes

Check the tankless heater control panel to find out if there’s an error code. Every tankless water heater brand comes with unique error codes. The good thing is every manufacturer lists the codes for troubleshooting different errors.

Tankless water heaters showing an error code won’t work until you enter the correct code to unlock it. If you can’t trace or find the valid code for your tankless heater, seek help from a qualified plumbing professional.

Check Your System’s Gas Burner

When troubleshooting a problematic tankless water heater, you should check the gas burner for possible issues. If you realize that your tankless water heater’s flame rod isn’t producing sparks, know that the ignition might be having a problem. It could simply mean your ignition is faulty and need a repair or replacement.

Another instance when your tankless water heater will have a flame issue is when the system has electrical or gas pressure problems. The issue could be that your system isn’t getting enough gas or electricity to flow to the system. The problem could also occur when your water heater has combustion issues.

Whenever your tankless water heater shows any of these problems, call the comfort advisors at Miller Plumbing & Heating for professional HVAC and plumbing services. Our comfort advisors have years of experience and will get your tankless heater running efficiently in the shortest time possible.

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