When you live in Indiana, PA, you want to ensure that your heater is efficient during the cold months. The last thing you want is an inefficient heater that skyrockets your heating bills and doesn’t keep your home safe and comfortable. Here are a few tips to help you use your furnace efficiently for more comfort and energy savings.

Unblock Registers and Air Vents

It’s wise to rearrange furniture and objects like toys and heavy curtains to ensure nothing stops the registers. If these objects block the registers, they strain your heating system and make it inefficient. Extra strain on your furnace increases the risks of repairs, breakdowns, high energy consumption and higher heating bills.

Schedule Regular Furnace Maintenance

An effective way of using a heater more efficiently is through regular maintenance. Your comfort advisor conducts the necessary repairs or replacements during tuneup visits. Scheduling furnace maintenance before winter helps to improve the system’s efficiency.

Avoid Constant Thermostat Adjustments

Frequently modifying temperatures to get an ideal setting in the wintertime can increase energy usage. You can improve your furnace’s efficiency by installing a programmable thermostat to enable you to set different temperatures for different times. Programmable thermostats have other additional features that can significantly improve the efficiency of your heater.

Change the Air Filter

Air filters play an integral role in preventing dust and dirt from clogging the system. They accumulate hair and other particles over time, forcing the furnace to work harder to pull air through when clogged. Change or clean air filters at least every three months or more frequently if you have pets or after a home renovation to enhance furnace efficiency.

You’ll keep your furnace operating efficiently all winter long with these tips. An efficient furnace keeps your home warm without high heating bills and can extend the system’s lifespan. Call Miller Plumbing & Heating today for affordable and professional furnace repair services if your heater is faulty.

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