When the chillier autumn weather is right around the corner in Homer City, PA, you’re likely thinking about getting your leave blower out. But you should divert more of your attention on scheduling fall HVAC maintenance. This is an investment that can bring along a lot of great benefits for your family.

Prolong Your HVAC System’s Life

As with any sort of appliance, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to prevent unwanted wear and tear. By providing regular maintenance, you can help to prolong the lifespan of the components of your heating system. As a result, you’ll maximize the heater’s intended lifespan and even get a few extra years out of it.

Reduce Your Risk of a Breakdown

No one wants to deal with a furnace repair in the middle of the frigid winter. When you opt for having fall maintenance performed on your heating system, we can catch any small problems before they turn into major breakdowns. Having our comfort advisors perform maintenance on your system will help to drastically reduce your risk of experiencing an unexpected breakdown.

Cleaner Air to Breathe

When one of our HVAC professionals performs maintenance on your heating system, it entails changing the filter and cleaning various components. By replacing the filter, the new one can trap airborne pollutants. Also, by cleaning the components that have accumulated dust and grime buildup, we can prevent that gunk from entering your indoor air supply.

Extend Your Warranty

If your HVAC system is fairly new, it likely has a manufacturer’s warranty that will cover repair costs. One crucial component of keeping your warranty active is scheduling regular HVAC maintenance by a professional. If you’re not sure if your warranty requires professional maintenance, it’s time to check now before you void it by not getting any done.

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