Home automation gives homeowners in Homer City, Pennsylvania, more control over their comfort and security systems. It’s one of the newest HVAC technologies available, and it’s growing in popularity among homeowners who want to improve their quality of life. Read on to learn about how Nexia Home Intelligence can make your home smarter.

What is Home Automation?

First off, home automation allows you to connect many different devices within your home and gives you the ability to control them all from a central hub like your smartphone. These devices can include thermostats, home security cameras, lights, appliances and door locks. Of all the home automation systems available, Nexia Home Intelligence is the most advanced. Installing Nexia Home Intelligence in your home provides many benefits.

What are the Benefits of Home Automation?

Here are some of the best benefits of Nexia Home Intelligence:

Greater Convenience

When you pair Nexia Home Intelligence with a smart thermostat, you can adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere – literally. And we don’t mean from anywhere in your home. We mean from anywhere in the world. Some smart thermostats can also learn your daily habits and make automatic adjustments without your input. As a result, your home will always feel comfortable, whether you’re returning from work or vacation.

Increased Energy Savings

The most popular benefit of home automation is how much money it can help you save. You won’t have to cool or heat empty rooms anymore, and you’ll maximize every energy dollar you spend. Installing a smart thermostat can save you up to 10 percent of your energy bills, and you won’t have to jeopardize your comfort to enjoy those savings.

Enhanced Security

Finally, Nexia Home Intelligence enhances the security of your home and the safety of your family. It lets you control your home’s lights, home security cameras and door locks from your smartphone. So the next time you’re on vacation, you can gain peace of mind knowing your home is mimicking your usual behavior and deterring burglars.

There’s much more to Nexia Home Intelligence. Contact Miller Plumbing & Heating today at (724) 349-6676 to learn more about this amazing home automation technology.

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