Transforming your house into a smart home can be as easy as purchasing a connected speaker. It could also mean connecting various devices, such as speakers, computers, cameras, televisions, smartphones, security systems, thermostats and more. Read on to find out what a smart home is and why you should consider it in Clymer, PA.

Manage All Of Your Home Devices From One Place

A smart home is a house with several devices that automate tasks humans would generally handle. Some form part of the home structure, while some you add later. You control the devices using applications, voice commands, artificial intelligence or automation.

The convenience factor is huge in this case. The ability to connect all of your home’s technology through a single interface is a great step forward for technology in home management. In theory, all you’ll need is to learn how to use one application on your smartphone or tablet to access a plethora of functions and devices in your home.

Maximize Home Security

Your home security will skyrocket when you integrate security and surveillance features into your smart home network. Home automation systems, for example, can connect tangible security apparatus throughout your home, allowing you to activate the system remotely.

You can also opt to get security alerts on your smartphone at different times of the day, and you can monitor activities in real-time regardless of where you are.

Increase Energy Efficiency

You could make your house more energy-efficient depending on how you use smart home technology. A smart programmable thermostat, for example, will give you more accurate control over your home’s heating and cooling by learning your schedule and temperature preferences and recommending the most energy-efficient settings throughout the day.

Miller Plumbing & Heating offers quality home intelligence systems and services. All our work comes with a 10-year warranty and free estimates. Contact us to learn more about transforming your house into a smarter home.

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