In the heat of summer in Homer City, PA, the first thing you want is to get home and unwind in your air-conditioned space. But the you realize your source of comfort, the air conditioner, is demanding attention with an unusual noise. Read on to learn about three sounds your AC system shouldn’t make and what they mean.

Squealing Sound

When the belt that links the motor to your air conditioner’s blower slips, chances are your system will make a squealing sound. However, newer AC models come without a belt system. In case your air conditioner is making the squealing sound, contact a comfort advisor to upgrade your system or replace the belt.

With a newer air conditioning system, high-pitched squealing sounds tie to the bearings present in your condenser fan’s motor. The models use motors to drive air in your compressor.

When the motor needs a replacement, squealing sounds can be present in the outdoor unit during operation. It’s a good idea to seek a professional to repair your air conditioner once you hear this noise. Scheduling seasonal AC maintenance is a great way to keep your system working efficiently.

Humming Sound

Humming noises by your AC system usually don’t signify any serious issues. The humming sounds could be coming from loose parts or refrigerant pipes vibrating. However, we recommend that you still have a comfort advisor inspect your system to see if there’s any damage.

Buzzing Sound

A telltale sign of your air conditioning system malfunctioning is hearing it produce a loud buzzing noise. Your AC system requires all its parts and components to work effectively. When parts get loose and dislodge, your system overworks and incurs damage.

The overworking efforts make your AC system produce the buzzing sounds. Issues that can bring up the distracting sound include a dirty filter or condenser coil as well as the following:

  • Loosely fitting parts.
  • Damaged isolation feet.
  • Debris in your components.
  • A loose fan motor in your outdoor unit.
  • Copper lines rubbing against other components.
  • Refrigerant leaks.

A noisy air conditioner is a distracting, unpleasant sign that your system needs professional repair or maintenance. Contact our experts at Miller Plumbing & Heating to repair your noisy air conditioner right away.

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