The average summer high temperature in Indiana, PA, is about 80 degrees. Therefore, it’s important to have a functioning air conditioner. Before your air conditioning unit begins to fail, it will exhibit many signs. Some malfunctions may point to the evaporator coil.

Leaks Around Your Unit

Leaks can be caused by your coil continuously freezing and thawing. In Indiana, PA, it would be a common problem with the cold winters. Too much leaking can lead to the coils rusting, and that causes additional damage. You need to have your coil in good working condition or you won’t have a working AC unit. An HVAC maintenance company can answer your questions about your evaporator coil.

Hot Air Coming Out

You don’t want to feel hot air coming out of your supply vents in the middle of summertime when you’re hoping for cold air. Check the thermostat to make sure you’ve it set to cool. If it is and you’re still only feeling warm air, it’s time to do some further inspection. Schedule an AC repair to avoid a small issue turning into a costly problem.

Clean Your Coil

General maintenance and cleaning are necessary to keep your air conditioner running well. Cleaning your evaporator coil periodically can keep it in working order longer. If you see a small problem, you can take care of it before it becomes more expensive to fix. If your AC coil is covered in dust and grime, it’ll affect how well it cools your home.

A broken evaporator coil could be the first sign that your AC unit is on its way out. Contact Miller Plumbing & Heating to get some guidance on whether to repair or replace it. Call us today for any maintenance or repair needs you may have in your home.

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