The warm, muggy summers of Indiana, PA, lead you indoors to the cool air provided by your air conditioning system. Your air conditioner consists of electrical and mechanical parts, all of which need regular maintenance. It’s not too late to schedule this season’s tuneup. Keep these benefits of AC maintenance in mind:

Lower Utility Bills

A dirty air filter decreases your air conditioner’s energy efficiency by about 15 percent. During an AC tuneup, we replace the filter and clean the coils and fins. The result is lower utility bills, which saves you money and decreases your home’s carbon footprint.

Improve Performance

Poorly maintained air conditioners don’t do a good job of delivering cool, dehumidified air. Over time, airflow slows to a trickle. We replace dirty air filters, test the system’s cooling capacity and check all ducts, connections and sensors. This AC maintenance improves your air conditioner’s effectiveness at cooling and dehumidifying your home.

Boost Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner plays a big role in your home’s indoor air quality. With each cooling cycle, airborne pollutants are trapped by the filter. A properly maintained cooling system also removes excess moisture. As a result, it halts the growth of microbial. Fewer allergens in your home makes it easier for you to breathe and lowers your risk of getting sick.

Avoid Costly Repairs

During a maintenance visit, we inspect each part of your air conditioner. This provides an opportunity to identify parts with excess wear and tear. You can replace worn parts before they fail, saving you money on emergency repairs. Fixing small issues, such as a refrigerant leak, prevents bigger and more expensive problems from occurring.

The enhanced energy efficiency, better comfort, healthier air and prevention of malfunctions makes AC maintenance a smart investment. It’s not too late to make sure that your air conditioning system is in excellent condition to keep you cool throughout the summer. For more information about AC maintenance, call Miller Plumbing & Heating today.

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