If you hear unusual noises from your boiler, it could be a sign of a failing system. Understanding what the sounds mean can help you restore your home’s comfort, even as temperatures drop in Saltsburg, PA. In this post, we’ll breakdown some of the reasons your boiler may be making those weird noises.

Limescale Buildup

A whistling noise is often an indication that your boiler has limescale buildup on the heat exchanger. The accumulation of minerals makes your system work harder to heat at its standard rate.

Mineral accumulation in the boiler is prevalent, especially in parts of Pennsylvania with hard water. Descaling annually as part of routine maintenance can help you counter the problem.

Loose Connections

If you hear vibrations or rattling sounds, it may be a sign of loose connections in your plumbing. Sometimes it is the brackets that need tightening, but it could also be a failing non-return valve. Our boiler repair service in Saltsburg can troubleshoot your system to limit the damage to other components.

Air in the Plumbing

When there’s air in your piping, you’ll hear gurgling noises. That means there’s more oxygen going through the system, which can accelerate the process of corrosion.

The air in your boiler can also limit the circulation of water throughout the tubes. As the water slows down, it reduces the rate of heat transfer from the heating element. You can consult our plumbers to help you drain out the air from the boiler to enhance performance.

Low Air Pressure

Gurgling sounds can also be a sign of low water pressure. You’ll want to address the problem promptly, as it may be a leak or a faulty seal in your plumbing. The leakage is usually small, so that’s why there’s often a gradual loss in pressure.

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