The plumbing system in your home plays a critical role in preserving your high quality of life. When a pipe starts to leak, it’ll worsen quickly if you don’t notice it or can’t find it. This can happen in both newer and older homes in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Without early leak detection, these are the escalating problems that can happen:

Increasing Water Bill

The first sign of a leak is usually a higher water bill. This is especially true if you have a leak behind a wall or in a place that isn’t conspicuous. If you suspect a hard-to-find leak, a plumber can inspect your home closely to repair the problem. If you continue to ignore, the issue will only worsen and lead to more extensive and expensive repairs.

Reduced Water Quality

Over time, leaky pipes can get rusty or corroded. Residue may come out in the tap water. Also, if the leak is underground, contaminants from the ground can get into the pipes and negatively impact your water quality or safety. Schedule a leak detection service to avoid endangering your family with contaminated water.

Bursting Pipes and Microbial Growth

When pipes leak water behind walls or in hard-to-see places, it’s easy for microbial to grow. The microbial growth can spread and get into your HVAC system. By the time an undetected leak has caused plenty of microbial growth buildup, it may also have contributed to enough corrosion that a pipe bursts and causes flooding. If you don’t thoroughly clean and dry the area that’s flooded, even more microbial can grow.

Leak detection isn’t a costly service in comparison with extensive flood cleanup and potential sickness from contaminated water. As soon as you see or suspect a leak, contact Miller Plumbing & Heating. We can provide more information about solutions and repair the leak as fast as possible.

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