To stay comfortable indoors when it’s cold outside, homeowners in Homer City, PA, need an effective HVAC system to deal with temperature extremes. If you’re not sure whether to install a furnace or a heat pump, we can help. Read on to discover the differences between the two types of units as well as the benefits of each.

What are Furnaces and Heat Pumps?

A furnace generates heat by using electricity or burning oil or natural gas. If you have access to natural gas, the cost of installation and operation is often budget-friendly.

A heat pump depends on refrigerant and electricity to extract sufficient heat from the outdoors and blows it into your residence. What’s more, a heat pump can act as both a heater and an air conditioner.

Energy Efficiency

A heat pump is more energy efficient than a furnace because the amount of energy used in the process of compression is less than that used to blow air across a heating element. However, it’s also important to note that a heat pump will warm a room more slowly because the air it provides isn’t as hot as that produced by a furnace.

Indoor Air Quality

Both heat pumps and furnaces depend on forcing air through ducts to operate. The quality of the air will depend on the filtration system installed in the system. You can add in-line filters to both furnaces and heat pumps.

Ideal Weather

If you live in an extremely cold climate, a furnace will benefit you as it heats faster and can create higher overall temperatures in a room. A heat pump is the best if you experience temperatures no colder than 30 to 40 degrees due to its energy efficiency. Since you have colder weather in Homer City, PA, a combination furnace and heat pump is a great way to get the benefits of both.


A furnace can last for 20 years or more with regular maintenance. A heat pump can last for up to 15 years. If you use them in tandem, both units can last a little longer because they don’t need to work quite as hard to maintain your home’s optimal temperature.

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