Perhaps you sometimes chew with your mouth open, or maybe you can’t stop biting your nails when you’re nervous. While people consider these bad habits, they aren’t harmful. Some bad habits cause harm, though, and you should avoid them at all costs. Here are four bad habits that can damage the plumbing in your Homer City, Pennsylvania, home:

Treating Your Toilet Like the Trash

Maybe you use your car’s backseat as a storage shed or trash can, but it won’t harm your vehicle. Flushing trash down your toilet will certainly strain your pipes, though. Avoid tossing cat litter, wipes or feminine hygiene products in the toilet. Even if the packaging of the products states “flushable,” it’s best to use a trash can instead of a toilet.

Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

Pouring drain cleaner down your drains can quickly remove clogs. But quick fixes aren’t always the best. Most drain cleaners contain powerful chemicals. If you use drain cleaner too often, it can eat away and damage your pipes.

Abusing Your Garbage Disposal

Like your toilet, your kitchen sink isn’t a trash can. It’s convenient to wash everything on a dirty plate down the drain when you have a garbage disposal, but it’ll come at a cost. Avoid pouring grease in the sink, and don’t put rice, pasta and similar items in it. As a result, you’ll protect your plumbing system from extensive damage.

Ignoring Seemingly Small Leaks

A small drip can quickly turn into a significant leak that requires a major repair. The sooner you fix the leak, the lower your risk of sustaining a lot of damage to your plumbing and property. You’ll also waste less money.

Damaging your pipes and plumbing can be expensive. Take steps today to avoid trouble tomorrow. Contact Miller Plumbing & Heating at (724) 349-6676 for any questions or concerns regarding your home’s plumbing.

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